Andy Murphy

Who are you?  

Andy Murphy

What do you do by day?

By day I produce music as Jam Xpress, help manage marketing and direction at my nightclub Empire” , starting to build my house label “Hearts On Fire”, scour the internet for the latest tracks and travel to my next gig. 

What do you do by night?

By night i’m a DJ / Party animal, playing at some of Australia’s best parties. When i’m not partying i like to unwind with a lil Xbox (I may be an addict) or a movie. 

Where do you do it?

Im lucky enough to tour all around the country playing at some of the best parties with residencies Australia wide. I was recently in Fiji for “Your Paradise festival”and you can catch me more regularly at The Emerson and Melbourne’s new Bond club. 

What are you doing right now?

I’m working on brand new Jam Xpress material for 2015. We are loving Tropical and future house sounds.

What are you wearing?

I do my best work in my undies, but when i have to throw something on, i’m loving my dead president t-shirts.

Who’s a part of your ‘society’?

I’m currently releasing through Vicious Bitch and work with Konkrete Agency but in the past i have released and toured with Onelove. The Other half of Jam xpress is good pal Jorj who was previously with Defected.  With Jorj i’m also building our new  label (Hearts on fire) with the legend Tom Evans (Aka Jack Love).

The best piece of advice you ever received was…

To do what you love. This has always applied to what i do as i literally spend all my time working on something and finding the next thing. 

The worst piece of advice you ever received was…

 To work/ study in banking and financing , haha, I studied banking and financing for a year. It really was not for me, although maybe partly due to the timing. I since finished a degree in Multimedia Design and my Masters in Business Marketing so it still helped to push me in the right direction. 

Ultimate crush (we don’t judge)… 

hmmmm if i don’t say Lozzy Mac, i’m in trouble. Lol She was the the Cold Hard Bitch in the Jet film clip. Kinda a big deal. But maybe also Kate Moss or Cara Delevingne.

Your nickname is…

I have been called Disco Murph or Disco since school, so i guess it was inevitable i became a DJ. 

What’s your favourite food to snack-on?  

Lollies, I love lollies. Specifically retro lollies, taking it back to the old school.

You’d love to tap inside the mind of…

From a music standpoint I would love to tap inside the mind of Guy Manuel or Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk. Just to see how they work, how they produce. They have for a long time been my favourite producers/ music act.

What’s coming up in your world? Where can we catch you? (T his is also known as, the plug!)

I have a brand new Jam Xpress single, a collaboration with Sydney’s Style Matterz called “Back To You”. Dropping very soon on Vicious Bitch. It’s a tropical house number which I have done my own future house remix of.  I’m also releasing some solo material very soon. Catch me at my nightclub Empire, Bond Club & The Emerson and i’m absolutely pumped for NYD at RIVA.



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