Who are you? We are Yasumo, your friends in funk What do you do by day? Making dollars and dimes in the world of retail and…


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Who are you? Airwolf.  What do you do by day? Write music, take photos, play with my cat and drink coffee. I loooove coffee.  What…


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J Heasy

Who are you?  James Hinds / J Heasy What do you do by day?  Promotions & Marketing Manager at Love That Music What do you…


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Lola Heart

Who are you? Jeremy clarksons future ex wife What do you do by day? Exercise, volunteer at my local nursing home, ride my pink bike…


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Andy Murphy

Who are you?   Andy Murphy What do you do by day? By day I produce music as Jam Xpress, help manage marketing and direction at…


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Jump Ship

Who are you? We are Jump Ship. Jesse & Macen, two fellas that came together about 2 years ago to make house music. What do…


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Danny T

Who are you? Danny T / AKA Tea Towel   What do you do by day? Wrench cones, Write records, Work at Sweat it Out…


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Mike Metro

Who are you?Hello, my name’s Michael.What do you do by day?I make songs on my computer.What do you do by night?Play those songs on big…


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Who are you? Butters What do you do by day? Graphic Design What do you do by night? Disc Jockey at ze clubs Where do…


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Torren Foot

Who are you? Torren Foot. What do you do by day? Ever since the incident, I periodically merge from the sewers of NYC with 3…


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Mell Hall

@mell_hall Who are you? Mell Hall What do you do by day? Owner + Operator of PR/Copywriting Agency, The Library Bag. What do you do…


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Mitch Loughnan

Who are you? My name is Mitch Loughnan. I am 17 years young from G-Town/G-Hole/G-Long. What do you do by day? By day, I am…


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