Danny T

Who are you?

Danny T / AKA Tea Towel


What do you do by day?

Wrench cones, Write records, Work at Sweat it Out (WWW)


What do you do by night?

As above… Or you can catch me at the local watering hole rinsing top 40 in a capital city near you!


Where do you do it?

I fucks with Sydney, exported from Brisbane due lack of tanning ability


What are you doing right now?

Going through some killer demos at the Sweat it Out HQ. I was so baked loast night that I bought a copy of far Cry 4 on PS4 instead of 3.. so after work im gonna go sort that shit RIGHT out


What are you wearing?

A towel


Who’s apart of your ‘society’?

My Sweat fam! You know who they are ;)… Oh and Mrs T


The best piece of advice you ever received was

Fuck her right in the pussy


The worst piece of advice you ever received was…

Sharing is caring


Ultimate crush (we don’t judge)…

Tom Selleck’s moustache


Your nickname is…

Tea Towel or Mr T


What’s your favourite food to snack-on?

Miso ramen!


You’d love to tap inside the mind of…

OMG…Daniel Farley from Terace


What’s coming up in your world? Where can we catch you? (This is

also known as, the plug!)

New single and national tour dropping soon, a follow up to my last Sweat EP ‘Take Me’ this time called ‘Let Me Go’… A proper piano weapon !



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