Shipping & Returns

How long until I receive my #dps goods? I’m keen.
All #dps threads are shipped via Australia Post (Registered International Service) – depending on your hom(i)e town, it will take:
Australia: 4 to 7 days.
New Zealand: 5 to 7 days.
International: 7 to 21 days. (Hold tight, we ensure you’ll receive your gear Hustler !!)

What’s shipping costs?
Using our pals over at Australia Post (Registered International Service) your shipping fees will be:
Domestic shipping flat-rate: $10 ~
New Zealand shipping flat-rate: $20 ~
International shipping flat-rate: $20 ~

Will my #dps gear be dispatched straight away?
If your (hello, swag) item is in stock at #dps HQ, we will dispatch it within 3 -5 business days – if we’re in the process of re-stocking, we’ll let you know (via email) exactly how long ‘till you’re reppin’ #thedpsociety.

Can I receive #dps gear internationally?
You know it !! Suss the details and fees above.

Damn. My #dps gear is too big(gie)/small(s) – can I return it?
With all items on sale, there are strictly no returns or size swaps. Please choose your size carefully when ordering.

NB: Use that #thedpsociety brain of yours and double-check sizing before handing over your dollar-dollar-bills.

How do I return my #dps goods..?!
Contact our crew at HQ via hello@deadpresidentsociety.com.au to begin the process.

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