J Heasy

Who are you? 

James Hinds / J Heasy

What do you do by day? 
Promotions & Marketing Manager at Love That Music
What do you do by night? 
Drink excessive amounts of Beer and play music in big night clubs
Where do you do it? 
What are you doing right now? 
Trying to defeat a hangover
What are you wearing? 
Who’s apart of your ‘society’? 
James Fava, Rob Pix, Boot Action, Hey Sam, Torren Foot, Dom Dolla, Mike Metro, Airwolf, Combo!, Lesware, Alex Deeb, Matt Devlin, Darryl Vanspall, Arin Rutty!
The best piece of advice you ever received was… 
Treat em’ mean, keep em keen.
The worst piece of advice you ever received was…
Treat em’ mean, keep em keen.
Ultimate crush (we don’t judge)… 
Harvey Specter
Your nickname is… 
What’s your favourite food to snack-on? 
Cocktail Frankfurts
You’d love to tap inside the mind of… 
What’s coming up in your world? 
Plenty of the above!
Where can we catch you? (This is also known as, the plug!) 
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