Jump Ship

Who are you?

We are Jump Ship. Jesse & Macen, two fellas that came together about 2 years ago to make house music.

What do you do by day?

When we are not at work or uni we are in the studio (spare room) slaving over our laptops trying to make some decent sounding music.

What do you do by night?

Mainly drink scotch, sometimes beer. If we have no gigs we play guitar and kings cup. When we do play gigs if we get to drink scotch or beer in nightclubs whilst playin house music

Where do you do it?

Whatever venue which is good enough to put us on. We’ve been playing in Geelong a bit lately. That’s where we both live now.

What are you doing right now?

J: sitting on the couch watching the cricket and completing this profile. I’m about to start work soon but before I do I want to try and finish this old house track we a re-vibing. There’s a good chance that even if I finish it, it will never surface. That happens a lot with our tracks haha. Quality control I guess.

M: in my room on the computer working on this profile and starting new projects that will probably never be finished

What are you wearing?

J: Tan chinos and a grey t-shirt. Very plain of me but I am wearing a Daniel Wellington watch. That’s probably my favourite item I own right now.

M: A Captain Planet t shirt and flowery shorts, I look like a 90s teenager

Who’s apart of your ‘society’?

Apart from anybody who enjoys a nice beer, one of our main society’s is a community of music producers. There are a few of us who are coming up and we all support each other on new tracks which helps a lot. Same goes with a lot of the DJ’s in Geelong. We have lots of legend around us.

The best piece of advice you ever received was…

‘No bangers before midnight’ – J: I can’t remember the first time I heard this but it was a personal motto for me when I began my first dj residencies and allowed me to explore some different kinds of club music. Probably the beginnings of my love for house music come to think of it.

M: The no bangers before midnight advice is the some of the best I’ve received too. Not everyone wants their head blown off within 5 minutes of opening the venue. It’s like going out for tea and ordering a big steak for an entrée haha, you will be full by the time the main course (headline) has jumped on.

J: Yeah, it was fairly instrumental in shaping our styles when we started djing as individuals. This probably made for some annoyed punters who want to hear their favourite tune at 10pm but good for the preceding djs, venue and club night as a whole.

 The worst piece of advice you ever received was…

You need to ‘fun up’ your dj set – Matt Black (DPS Bossman). Haha, nah only kidding, the man actually knows how to run club nights very well and demonstrated to a lot of young guys how it’s done (Chinese Whispers represent).

Ultimate crush (we don’t judge)…

Female: Jane Levy

Male: Claptone – The man is an enigma, he just oozes cool.

Your nickname is…

Jump Shit – We are still hunting down the person who started that one haha.

What’s your favourite food to snack-on?

Scotch… Does that count? Wait that might make me sound like an alcoholic, which isn’t true. Macen is… but I’m not quite

You’d love to tap inside the mind of…

J: Jesus Christ – I wanna know how to do that free wine thing. Save a bit on the weekly shopping.

M: Kurt Cobain – Did he really kill himself? Ive got some conspiracies I wanna get cleared up.

What’s coming up in your world? Where can we catch you? (This is also known as, the plug!)

Production wise we have an EP due out late January. Before that drops we have two remixes apart of what we think will be big EPs on the club scene, so really keen to drop those. We included these in the mixtape we did for DPS so jump on that for a first listen.

You can catch us playing around Geelong fairly frequently. Over the summer we will be at Eureka and Knock Knock as well as some sets in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Thanks DPS. We love what you’re doing!



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