Lola Heart

Who are you?

Jeremy clarksons future ex wife

What do you do by day?

Exercise, volunteer at my local nursing home, ride my pink bike around

What do you do by night?

Write music, find music and eat everything in my kitchen

Where do you do it?

In my studio and my kitchen, sometimes in the shower

What are you doing right now?

On the treadmill trying not to think about all the Nutella I just ate

What are you wearing?

A massive smile and my lucky darth vadar underwear

Who’s apart of your ‘society’?

Anyone who has a passion for something

Wether it be music, travel or their spoon collection,
People who talk with that glint in their eye inspire me.

The best piece of advice you ever received was…

You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.

Meaning you can’t make everyone happy, people will always hate and misunderstand you
Also, a guy named Steve at hungry jacks introduced me to the combination of pineapple and bacon on everything.
Game changer.

 The worst piece of advice you ever received was…

My ex manager told me I’ll never make it and will be working at McDonald’s as a cleaner by 25
I just celebrated my 25th and ate lots of McDonald’s.

Ultimate crush (we don’t judge)…

The guy who makes my coffee every morning
I don’t even drink coffee…:.

Your nickname is…


What’s your favourite food to snack-on?

At rainbow I ate nachos for breakfast lunch and dinner for 5 days straight

You’d love to tap inside the mind of…

Stimming – I saw his 4D live show in Amsterdam and couldn’t speak for 3 days
If I knew even 25% of what goes on in that mans head I would die a happy woman

What’s coming up in your world? Where can we catch you? (This is also known as, the plug!)

My very first EP ghetto baby comes out today. I have put many tears and long days into this to get it out
It’s kind of scary. I play other people’s music in my mixtapes.
This is me saying HI WORLD this is me. This is what’s going on in my mind
I also just received a residency in Ibiza for the European summer !!



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