Torren Foot

Who are you? Torren Foot.

What do you do by day? Ever since the incident, I periodically merge from the sewers of NYC with 3 purchased turtles from a nearby pet shop. We crave pizza and I administer the nun chucks.

What do you do by night?
I occasionally press buttons and test my ability of 10 ounce pot curls in nightclubs.

Where do you do it? In the most livable city in the world (Melbourne) but some sometimes in some other quite livable cities.

What are you doing right now? Doing my upmost to have the best time possible. Making music, playing music, trawling sewers and starting my own dojo in mixed martial arts.

What are you wearing? Mostly kimonos.

Who’s apart of your ‘society’? I’d like to think of my society as a communist society. As long as you put in and contribute then we all succeed. Essentially that is a euphemism for saying that if you buy me a beer, I’ll buy you a beer.

The best piece of advice you ever received was… don’t eat yellow snow…

The worst piece of advice you ever received was… “The Melbourne property market can’t be trusted, Ed Hardy is super sound investment”….Redfoo

Ultimate crush (we don’t judge)… Miley Cyrus. I like to think I could talk some sense into her.

Your nickname is… The Croatian Sensation

What’s your favourite food to snack-on? Bacon. From coast to coast on taters and toast. Ever day of the week and twice on Sundays

You’d love to tap inside the mind of…Tom Cruise. Preferably around the 2009 period before it unraveled. I wanna just see the cracks appear and be a front seat passenger in a career carcrash…

What’s coming up in your world? Where can we catch you? (This is

also known as, the plug!) I’ve got a bunch of releases coming out that I’m really excited about! I’ve been sitting on them for a while and dropping them in my sets, so I’m psyched to finally get them out. I’ve got a stack of shows coming up all over Australia too, have a look at my socials for more details (facebook.com/torrenfootmusic).

While I’m plugging, I’ve got a tonne of rad releasing coming up on my label Jump To This that I’m sure you’ll love. Sammy and I have been working really hard over the past year, so check out the fruits of our labor at facebook.com/jumptothisrecords



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