Who are you?

We are Yasumo, your friends in funk

What do you do by day?
Making dollars and dimes in the world of retail and the occasional weekly soccer match.
What do you do by night?
Jam in the studio, write music and feed coffee addictions.
Where do you do it?
Western Suburbs represent!
 …and what we mean by that, in the home studio.
What are you doing right now?
Cooking pasta, one ear to the phone and pacing around the house.
What are you wearing?
The classics. Blue jeans, plain white t and odd socks.
Who’s apart of your society?
Our family at LTM CREW. HOLLA!
The best piece of advice you ever received was?
Read the dance floor, don’t be selfish!
The worst piece of advice you ever received was?
Ear plugs? Who needs em, you’ll be right mate!
Ultimate crush?
It’s a tie. Lara Croft and Jessica Rabbit.
Your nickname is?
Simon: Dim Sim
Yanni: Snair
Whats your favourite food to snack on?
In the studio nothing beats our late night Maccas muffin runs.
You’d love to tap inside the mind of?
Can we only choose one? If so Nile Rogers.
What’s coming up in your world? Where can we catch you? (T his is also known as, the plug!)
You can hit us up on all of our social media pipes, but we recently dropped our latest single Smack My Lip which you can find sitting pretty on Beatport.



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